One man killed himself and another shot himself in theface at a gun range in West Edmonton Mall in the past month, raising questions about safety at the seven-year-old Wild West Shooting Centre.

An Edmonton man shot and killed himself Monday night. On July 6,the other man survived after shooting himself in the jaw.

Ken Kupsch, president of the range, said the second man was also attempting suicide.

Wild West is a safe place with 20 employees who all have their firearms licences and receive regular training, he said.

"We have measures in place to do our best to prevent situations like that, but you can't prevent them all. Our people are trained, they're ready, they're prepared for it, but you can't stop everybody."

Kupschsaid he'll be talking to owners of gun ranges in the U.S. who have dealt with suicides, seeking advice and ways to prevent such deaths.

"We do turn a lot of people away if they seem agitated or if they've been drinking. There's lot of circumstances where we won't let people shoot."

Phil Rayos, who handled and shot a gun for the first time in his life at Wild West, was surprised by news of Monday night's death. He said he was trying out the range because of its novelty.

"I'm originally from Toronto and I don't know of any gun ranges in Toronto, so when I heard there was one in a mall — in a shopping mall— I had to check it out."