2 stun guns camouflaged as iPhones seized by Hinton RCMP

RCMP in Hinton are warning Albertans to be aware that some "smartphones" may have more zaps than apps.

RCMP are reminding people that such weapons are prohibited, despite being available online

RCMP in Hinton, Alta., seized two Conducted Energy Weapons, disguised to look like iPhones, in a 24-hour period. (Hinton RCMP)

RCMP in Hinton are warning Albertans to be aware that some "smartphones" may have more zaps than apps.  

On June 18, police in Hinton seized a Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) from a Hinton resident who was trying to sell the “stun gun” online.

RCMP say the camouflaged weapons are prohibited in Canada under the Criminal Code, but are available for sale online. (Hinton RCMP)

The weapon had been disguised to resemble an iPhone.

One day later, a similar weapon was seized from a woman who, according to police, was causing a disturbance outside a Hinton bar. Police say the woman pulled out the weapon during a fight.

Charges have been laid against the 28-year-old woman, who is due in court next week.

Now, RCMP are warning that weapons masquerading as smartphones are prohibited under the Criminal Code, despite being available for sale online.

With files from The Canadian Press