18 fugitives nabbed in Edmonton anti-violence plan

Efforts by Edmonton police to make inner-city neighbourhoods safer is paying dividends to sheriffs pursuing fugitives in Alberta.

Efforts by Edmonton police to make inner-city neighbourhoods safer is paying dividends to sheriffs pursuing fugitives in Alberta.  

The province's fugitive apprehension team arrested 18 fugitives on 76 warrants while working with city police in two community action operations in downtown Edmonton.

The operations are part of the the violence reduction strategy developed to reduce the severity, frequency, and fear of violence in Edmonton over the next five years.

From Oct. 5th to 9th, sheriffs, working for Alberta Law Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) joined police to target fugitives living in the McDougall and Queen Mary Park communities.

From Nov. 2nd to 5th, sheriffs and police targetted the McCauley neighborhood.

During the October operation, sheriffs arrested seven people wanted on 39 warrants. In November, 11 people were arrested on 37 warrants.

The warrants related largely to offences such as assault, theft, fraud, impaired driving, weapons, drug trafficking, failure to appear, and failure to comply.

Sheriffs also conducted curfew and residence checks on people who were released on bail with conditions to reside at certain addresses.

City police have conducted three community action team operations over the last three months.

Besides making arrests, laying charges and issuing tickets, police also work with vulnerable people finding housing or access health services.

Police said the operations help build relationships and dialog with people living in the communities.

During the McCauley operation, one man turned himself in on an outstanding warrant after speaking with officers, stating he liked what they had to say, said police.