Edmonton's transportation department is rejecting the idea of reducing 112th Avenue northeast of downtown to three lanes from four.

The thoroughfare is being rebuilt between 50th and 68th street to include wider sidewalks and decorative lights and benches.

A telephone poll found 70 per cent of drivers want the avenue between 50th and 68th streets to remain a four-lane route.

More than 10,000 motorists use the largely residential corridor each day.

"It's a major access here to the downtown and to all the facilities that are west of here," said Beverly Heights resident George Karbonik. "Reducing it to one lane would cause a large problem for the population living out here."

But Highlands resident Cindy Olsen says most of those living nearby want it reduced to one lane each direction with a turning lane in the middle in the hope of reducing noise and making it safer to cross.

"Why are they not listening to the community?" she asked.

"Why are they listening to those outside the community when those outside the community and — I can't say this strongly enough — have other options to get to where they're going?"

The recommendation will go before city council's transportation committee on March 13th.