One man was killed and another sustained multiple stab wounds in two incidents which occurred within a block of each other in northeast Edmonton Thursday night.

Police are interviewing witnesses within what is being called a “complicated” crime scene between 65th and 66th Streets and 128th Avenue.

A weapons complaint brought police to an apartment at 65th Street and 128th Avenue around 7:30 p.m. where they found a man dead inside. 

The man with stab wounds was found a block away in the parking lot of a strip mall at 66th Street and 128th Avenue. He was taken to hospital in serious condition. 

"It appears there was a party going on at that time," police spokesman Scott Pattison said. "And that's as much as I've been told."

Witness Les Whelan was meeting his father for dinner at the Noodle Bowl restaurant when he heard a man in his 20s, accompanied by a woman, asking for someone to call the police.

“He was bleeding all along the side of his face, he had it covered up pretty well but I could see the blood in his hair,” Whelan said. “Pretty brutal, that’s what it looked like anyway.”

The man ran into a store and then came out outside, Whalen said. Police showed up within minutes, followed quickly by an ambulance.