Dumaresque gives Grimes last chance to say he's sorry.

Premier Roger Grimes may be fighting his next battle in court rather than the Confederation Building.

The premier is facing the possibility of being sued for libel, if he won't apologize to Danny Dumaresque, who ran John Efford's leadership campaign. It all has to do with comments the premier made about Dumaresque after he refused to hire him as a political advisor.

"Too many people have asked me what I did, what am I hiding, what dastardly deed did I do to earn the wrath of Premier Roger Grimes?"

Danny Dumaresque says he has no answer to that question, so he's left with no option but to launch a lawsuit against Premier Grimes.

The battle between Grimes and Dumaresque went from political to legal after Grimes said he would never be able to sleep any one night in comfort, knowing he had a minister in confidence who had Danny Dumaresque as an advisor to him.

Lawyer, Bob Simmonds, says those words damaged Dumaresque's reputation.

"What impression does that leave with the person in the street as to the integrity, honesty and believability of this gentleman who has a personality in both public and private life."

Dumaresque says there's one thing that will stop him from suing the premier, a public apology and he wants it within 24 hours.

But, Premier Grimes wasn't in much of a mood for saying sorry or much else.

"You won't hear anything from me about Mr. Dumaresque. I don't intend to speak publicly at all about Mr. Dumaresque in the future."

If that's true, Danny Dumaresque and his lawyers say get ready to speak in court. They say they'll launch a libel suit against the premier next week.