Duceppe wants federal incentives to cut oil use

The Bloc Québécois wants more federal incentives to halve the proportion of energy provided by oil in Quebec.

The Bloc Québécois wants to halve the proportion of energy provided by oil in Quebec.

Leader Gilles Duceppe said more federal incentives for homeowners to switch to electric heat, and more generous tax rebates on the purchase of hybrid and electric vehicles would help make the change.

Oil accounts for about 38 per cent of Quebec's energy now.

"We could cut it down to 19," he said while campaigning in Montreal on Saturday for the Oct. 14 federal election, adding that that would slash greenhouse gas emissions.

He advocated meeting the emission reduction targets set out in the Kyoto accord. The governing Conservatives have said the target — to cut emissions by six per cent from 1990 levels by 2012 — is unrealistic.

But Duceppe said the provinces could have individual targets, as the European Union did with its member countries.

That would benefit Quebec, where emissions have fallen, in contrast to provinces with higher emissions like Saskatchewan and Alberta, he said.

He also said the St. Lawrence River, which he called "the blue highway," could be more used to ship goods. Water transport is generally thought to be less polluting than trucks.