Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe delivered a blistering attack on Stephen Harper Sunday, criticizing the Conservative leader for his economic, environmental, foreign and cultural policies.

Speaking in French to more than 2,000 supporters, Duceppe called Harper a "liar," "cheater" and a man who lacks "any sense of morality," the CBC's Tim Duboyce said.

Duceppe attacked Harper's cuts to arts funding, failure to meet Quebec's language demands, his promise to crack down on young offenders and rejection of the Kyoto environmental accord. He denounced Harper's 2003 speech, calling for Canadian soldiers to fight in Iraq, as the action of a  "cheater," not a leader.

The speech was partly plagiarized from one given by then prime minister John Howard of Australia, but Conservative staff member Owen Lippert said he had been "overzealous in copying segments of another world leader’s speech." He said Harper was not aware at the time of what he had done, and Lippert resigned Sept. 30.

Duceppe mentioned Harper 61 times in a 29-minute speech in St-Hyacinthe, about 65 kilometres east of Montreal, but never mentioned any other party leader.