Dozens of schools under repair

Classes may be out for the Christmas vacation but there's plenty of activity at 22 of the province's schools.

The schools were all built using joists that were manufactured by Robb Engineering in Amherst and those joists have been found to be faulty.

"Originally there were some flaws identified with these joists," says Cathy Shaw with the Department of Education.

The province inspected more than 2000 publicly owned buildings and found 85 needed repairs. Forty-four of them are schools.

"Any buildings with any serious problems have already been fixed," says Shaw. "These are small projects that we need to do but are not anything to worry about."

The inspection and repair program will cost the province somewhere in the range of $8 million.

Robb Engineering went out of business in 1985.

The province hopes to have all repairs completed by next year.