Corrections Canada is investigating allegations an employee of the prison had inappropriate relations with one of the inmates.

Chantel Albert of Corrections Canada says three employees from Dorchestor's Sexual Offender Program were suspended as part of the investigation.

"It's the high intensity Sexual Offender Program that's given at Dorchestor Penitentiary," she says. "It treats sexual offenders with high needs and who are high risk to come to understand their offence cycle, and how to prevent such offences in the future."

Sexual offender involvedd

The inmate at the centre of the controversy is believed to be John Arthur O'Brien. Known as the Halifax motorcycle rapist, O'Brien was convicted 1989 for the violent sexual assaults on eight women. He's serving a 35-year sentence. Sources within the institution say O'Brien supposedly had sexual relations with at least one of the employees hired as a counsellor in the Sexual Offender Program.

Few details released

Albert won't elaborate on any details or how long the relationship has been going on.

"I'm not sure how they found out (about the relationship) or how long this has been going on. It was discovered by corrections on the 18th of September and we immediately called for an investigation.

The results of that investigation are expected to take several weeks. Employees found to have acted inappropriately could lose their jobs.