The NDP government says it may agree to occasional closures of doctors' offices to save money.

It's part of the new agreement that gives B.C.'s 7,500 doctors a fee increase of two percent.

The doctors had used office closures, which they called "rationed access days," as a pressure tactic to get their new deal.

Ian Courtice, president of the B.C. Medical Association, says this is good agreement. "It recognizes that for doctors to stay within a budget set by the government there are certain ways of doing it, either by limiting the number or nature of services or restricting the number of hours in a day or days in a year that doctors are available."

The government will also pay about 90 percent of doctors' medical malpractice insurance. That's almost double the current 50 percent.

In addition, the doctors and government will work together to eliminate medicare coverage of unnecessary treatments.

The doctors are now voting on the new agreement.