CBC Radio's The Current has broadcast a documentary about a 48-year-old Alberta woman with developmental problems, Betty Anne Gagnon, who died in November 2009 in a filthy converted bus that had no heat, electricity or running water.

The relatives who were supposed to take care of her — Gagnon's sister and the sister's husband — await sentencing in her death, but friends of Gagnon say the pair's guilty pleas have not answered their questions as to how this could have occurred.

What Happened to Betty Anne Gagnon? was produced by CBC Edmonton journalist Marion Warnica.

Gagnon was found dead in the front seat of a pickup truck outside a rural convenience store near Sherwood Park, Alta. Her sister, Denise Scriven, had driven her there to meet up with paramedics.

CBC has also compiled video stories from Gagnon's former roommates and others:

Denise Scriven and her husband, Michael, faced several charges. The two pleaded guilty in early March to failure to provide the necessities of life, while the most serious charge of manslaughter was dropped.