Did Tiger beat PM? Chrtien's not telling

PM is tight-lipped about final score of his golf game with Tiger Woods

Prime Minister Chrtien enjoyed an early morning game of golf with Tiger Woods on Wednesday.

The two played 18 holes at the Royal Montreal Golf Club a day before the opening of the Canadian Open.

Both Chrtien and Woods said they had a good time But it's not clear how well, or how poorly, Canada's leader really did on the course.

Woods and Chrtien teed off at 7 a.m. in front of a crowd of thousands.

The prime minister's tee shot was respectable and kept him clear of the rough. But it wasn't what he had hoped. Chrtien said he could have done better.

"It was a great personal experience of course for an amateur like me. The pressure of the press and the media, it's tough."

But when reporters tried to find out his score Chrtien told them he didn't "know exactly I'll have to add it up. You know I didn't shoot my handicap I went above it. But it's a new course, it's a beautiful course and the greens were extremely fast."

Woods says he had a good time playing with the prime minister. And he joked about Chrtien's shining moment during the last hole on a par four.

"A legitimate four. And yeah, it was legitimate this time."

The crowd seemed to appreciate Chrtien's effort, at least those who could pull their eyes away from Woods for a moment or two.

While Chrtien's final score is still a mystery, there's little doubt about who won.

The prime minister says, "You don't play against Tiger Woods. You play with him."