Decomposing body helps solve a old Toronto crime

One of the strangest crimes ever in Toronto seems to have been at least partially resolved. Steven Toussaint's body was found yesterday in Bluffer's Park on the Scarborough bluff.

He had been missing since April 16th, 1998. The day after his co-worker, Bob Ivens was murdered at the university of Toronto. The day after a Toussaint's church burned to the ground.

Toussaint was a suspect in both crimes. A Canada-wide warrent was issued for his arrest for second degree murder. Police found his car near the bluffs the day after the murder, and they had searched the area with no luck.

"We had dogs, foot officers, mounted units and marine units, combing that area but without success because of the terrain and vegetation very dense, " say the Toronto police.

Toussaint's body was clothed and badly decomposed - and police are still unsure how he died.

The burned church still lies in ruins, unable to rebuild because of disagreement with the insurance company. And many parishioners still find it hard to believe their church treasurer, the Sunday school teacher, could have been a suspect in a murder and arson.

A full autopsy will be performed tomorrow tomorrow. Police hope the discovery will lead to more answers about the murder of Bob Ivens and the destruction of Christ Church St. James.