Dawson City campground clears out after bear attack

A makeshift campground across the river from Dawson City has packed up after a bear attack on the weekend severely injured a Halifax teenager.

Nineteen-year-old Carrie Fair was mauled near her campsite on Friday. She was airlifted to the Whitehorse General Hospital and is suffering from head, neck and leg injuries.

Wildlife officers in the Yukon spent the weekend tracking a bear but residents of the camping area have cleared out until the young black bear responsible for the attack is found and killed.

Most are now staying at a local school while some are staying with friends.

Fair, like most of the young people living in the area known as "Tent City," was working for the summer in Dawson City. She was a lifeguard and a waitress.

Police say littered campsites, combined with a poor berry crop and smoke, driving bears out of the hills, contributed to Fair's mauling.

Meanwhile, a polar bear responsible for an attack on three people in Rankin Inlet has been destroyed.

Nunavut Renewable Resource officers tracked that animal after the Friday attack that injured a man and a young boy and killed 64-year-old Hattie Amitnak, from Baker Lake.