WikiLeaks has released several hundred diplomatic cables from Washington and U.S. embassies and consulates around the world.

Of the more than 250,000 cables WikiLeaks claims to possess, nearly 2,700 pertain to Canada. The cables have coded tags relating to their contents. "CA" is the country code for Canada.

As of Dec. 2, WikiLeaks has released the full text of six cables tagged "CA." You can use the app below to search the full text of these cables, or just click "Search" for the entire list. You can also narrow your search to a certain date range or to those originating from a certain embassy.

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The data also includes cables' tags. Most often, each cable has more than one tag. The Guardian newspaper has put a partial glossary of the codes on Google Docs.

In at least one case, a cable discussing Canada was tagged "CN," which corresponds to the African island nation of Comoros. It's clear from the cable that the intent was to tag it "Canada," so it is included here. There are also eight cables tagged "CAN," all originiating from the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Since "CAN" is not a standard diplomatic tag, we assume the intent was to tag them "Canada," and they will be included here, too.

You can browse the text of all the released cables on the WikiLeaks "Cablegate" website.