WikiLeaks says it will release the complete text of more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables this week, but it started with just about 200. None of the cables in the initial release originated in Canada and very few mentioned Canada at all.

WikiLeaks began by releasing only the dates, sources and tags of all 251,287 cables, more than 2,000 of which originated in Canada.


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You can use the search below created by CBC News to find cables originating from the U.S. Embassy and consulates in Canada within a certain date range, or originating from a particular embassy or consulate.

You can also search by tag, which are codes that indicate topics discussed in the cable. Most often, each cable has more than one tag. The Guardian newspaper has put a partial glossary of the codes on Google Docs.

Since WikiLeaks has only released the full text of a handful of the cables so far, search results will only show basic information about the cable, such as the tags and where it originated. has created a separate search for the full text of released cables that mention Canada.

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The most commonly used tags in the Canadian cables are:

Code Meaning Number of cables with tag
CA Canada 2,280
PREL External Political Relations 1,275
PGOV Internal Governmental Affairs 754
ECON Economic Conditions 432
ETRD Foreign Trade 413
PHUM Human Rights 306
PTER Terrorists and Terrorism 303
EFIN Financial and Monetary Affairs 245
PARM Arms Controls and Disarmament 221
EAID Foreign Economic Assistance 201
MOPS Military Operations 168
MARR Military and Defence Arrangements 164
AF Afghanistan 161
SENV * 157
ENRG Energy and Power 149
ASEC Security 141
KPAO * 137
PINR Intelligence 122
ETTC Trade and Technology Controls 110
EINV Foreign Investments 108

* Missing from the Guardian's glossary.