Crown tries to make Shrubsall a dangerous offender

William Shrubsall, the American fugitive who was convicted of two vicious attacks in Halifax, continues to have legal troubles. The crown has made a second attempt to have him declared a dangerous offender.

When he was first arrested in Halifax two years ago, he was known as Ian Thor Green, but it didn't take police long to find out he was really William Shrubsall, an American fugitive, convicted in New York State of sexual assault. Troopers had been looking for him since 1996, for jumping bail.

When he was 17 he plead guilty to beating his mother to death with a baseball bat and because he was a youth he served 16 months for manslaughter. That attack happened the day before he was to deliver the valedictory address to his graduating class.

Here in Nova Scotia, Shrubsall has three convictions, two of them for vicious attacks on strangers and the third for stalking his ex girlfriend.

Now the crown in those cases has made two applications to have him declared a dangerous offender- the first will be heard in November in connection with a vicious sexual assault.