Cornwall city council has decided not to back a call for an inquiry into how police handled investigations into a sexual abuse ring in the city.

Conservative MPP Gary Guzzo has introduced a bill demanding the inquiry.

Council heard from both sides of the issue Monday night, and decided to stay on the sidelines.

A group calling itself the Committee for Renewal told Cornwall's city councillors that there is no end to the discussion about the Cornwall's sexual abuse crimes.

The Committee for Renewal claims that Garry Guzzo's Bill 103 would clear the air and allay the community's concerns about the integrity of the justice system.

But the city's Catholic Laity Committee told council that the bill is premature, and would amount to a vote of non-confidence in the process that has been followed, including the ongoing police investigation called Project Truth.

After listening to arguments from both sides, the councillors decided not to even discuss endorsing the bill.

Mayor Brian Sylvester says council may be willing re-visit the issue of Bill 103 once all the investigations are complete.