Stephen Harper

Canadians would be allowed to elect the country's senators under a Conservative government, Stephen Harper said on Wednesday.

Campaigning in Vancouver, the Conservative leader laid out his electoral reform platform plank, the main component of which is reforming the Senate.

"Let's get on with the job of electing senators," Harper said.

"We need a ballot with senators' names and seats with senators that have been elected."

Liberal Leader Paul Martin has said he supports the idea of an elected Senate, but is unwilling to move in that direction without completely reforming the upper house.

"The Liberal position of all-or-nothing reform is designed to take us nowhere," Harper said.

The Conservatives would establish a national process for electing senators from every province, Harper said, then would plan for comprehensive reform. The appointed Senate, he said, is a "relic of the 19th century."

A Conservative government would also set fixed election dates four years apart, Harper said.