Voter support for the Conservative party has fallen a bit while that of the Liberals remains stable, the four-day running poll released by Harris/Decima on Sunday suggests.

The results are "the first bit of good news for the Liberals in a while," Harris/Decima president Bruce Anderson said in a commentary.

    Percentage of respondents supporting each party
 Party  Oct. 1-4  Sept. 23-26  Sept. 17-20
 Conservative  34  38  39
 Liberal  24  23  23
 NDP  20  19  17
 Green  13  9  11
 Bloc  8  9  8
    Source: Canadian Press, Harris/Decima polls

The Conservatives will need to reverse the momentum suggested by the poll if they are to win a majority, Anderson said.

The Conservatives' national support is 34 per cent, a low since the campaign began, and the figure "masks a  sharper deterioration in seat-rich Central Canada," he said.

The Liberals are at 24 per cent, NDP at 20, Green party at 13 and Bloc Québécois at eight.

The poll also suggests that leadership ratings of Liberal Stéphane Dion and Conservative Stephen Harper are converging, another positive for the Liberals, Anderson said.

Harper's leadership rating is sinking, and Dion's rising, although the Liberal is still last among the five leaders.

The NDP's Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe of the Bloc are far in front, while the Green Leader Elizabeth May is in third place and has risen sharply.

The national figures were based on the question: "If a federal election were held tomorrow, who do you think you would be voting for in your area?" It then lists the parties.

The average sample was 1,285, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.