City's LRT first in North America to be wind-driven

The city launched its Ride the Wind project Wednesday, making it the first city in North America to have a light rail transit system running on wind.

All 100 C-trains are now powered with wind-generated electricity.

The project is a collaboration between the City of Calgary, ENMAX and Vision Quest Windelectric Inc. and consists of 12 turbines constructed at Castle River wind farm in southern Alberta.

John Hubbell, Calgary Transit's General Manager says the LRT is now pollution free.

"The result of this project is sourcing the traction power of electricity to wind power," says Hubbell.

"It eliminates the production of 26,000 tonnes of CO emissions per annual basis. Now that's a difficult thing to put into context so what that equates to, is the elimination of 7.5 million vehicle trips per annum."

Hubbell says there are 180,000 people who ride the LRT every day.

He says the project won't cost passengers more money.