Chrtien restates opposition to Iraq war

PM Jean Chrtien has restated his opposition to war with Iraq.

Prime Minister Jean Chrtien has revealed more reasons behind Canada's decision not to join the U.S. in a war against Iraq.

Chrtien told the House of Commons that the goal of disarming Saddam Hussein could have been achieved if Iraq was given a few more weeks to comply with UN weapons inspections. And the prime minister repeated that he's against the idea of forcing a regime change.

Question period was all about the near certain war against Iraq and Canada's decision to stay out.

"The diplomatic process was bringing positive results. That was the view of the Canadian government. It was not, obviously, the view of the American government. We can have a disagreement there. I still feel given a few more weeks disarmament would have been achieved," he said.

Chrtien also said that forcing a regime change is not desirable. Many leaders in the world are not his friends, but, he adds, only the local people have the right to change government. "If we change every government we don't like in the world where do we start? Who is next?"

That is the closest Chrtien has come to criticizing the Bush administration for pledging to go to war against Iraq.

The Liberal government now says it is opposing any invasion on principle.