Dwayne Finlayson is a self-avowed white supremacist. He proudly sports swastika tatoos on his body. Finlayson pleaded guilty in provincial court today to a vicious attack on three Japanese women.

The court was told that in April, Finlayson was walking down the street when he came across two Japanese women walking the other way. They were eating pizza, and Finlayson smashed the pizza in one of the women's face.

Then he yelled racial slurs at them and told them to stop taking "his jobs".

When a male bystander tried to intervene, Finlayson attacked him, punched him, kicked him, and knocked him to the ground.

He kept yelling derogatory comments until after Charlottetown police arrived.

Today, the crown dropped a charge of inciting hatred against Finlayson when he agreed to plead guilty to assault. Finlayson, who has a long record of violence, will be sentenced on July 27.