CBC to air Maple Leafs game

Saturday's hockey game between the Ottawa Senators and the Toronto Maple Leafs will be aired on CBC TV after all.

The network had earlier said that the current strike by CBC technicians would prevent them from carrying the game.

On Thursday, however, the CBC said managers will operate the cameras and production facilities in Ottawa. In response, the union said it would picket the game.

There will be no picketers, however, at Sunday's Juno Awards in Hamilton. Union officials say there will be an information booth, and leaflets will be handed out, but there will be no picket line.

Meanwhile, the corporation and the striking technicians will begin new talks on Monday. They will be the first formal negotiations since the strike started more than two weeks ago.

About 2,000 people are off the job. Another 3,300 other CBC employees --producers, writers, reporters and anchors-- finished a strike vote Thursday evening.

The result will be announced Friday.