Canada's federal broadcast regulator says it will allow some advertising on CBC's secondary radio French and English networks.

The change is included in the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission's decision to renew the CBC's licence, for both French and English-language television and radio stations, for the next five years.

The CBC had asked to be allowed unlimited advertising space on Radio 2, and its French-language equivalent Espace Musique, during the fourth year of the licence term.

The regulator instead gave a three-year window for advertising on the networks, on the condition that it not exceed more than four minutes per broadcast hour.

"The endorsement of our plan by the CRTC comes at a great time for us," CBC chief executive Hubert T. Lacroix said in a statement.

"Advertising won’t change the programming mandate of our services. Both will remain committed to supporting and showcasing the best in Canadian music."

The CRTC says the CBC will need to make a new request to continue its ability to advertise on the networks at the end of the three-year period.

On the television side, the regulator says the CBC must maintain a reasonably balanced schedule with programming that reflects all regions of the country and broadcast at least 15 hours per week of Canadian programming for children under 12.

The CRTC made its decisions after receiving and considering more than 8,000 submissions and interventions during the licensing renewal process.

With files from CBC