CBC Live chat guests create the ultimate YouTube playlist

What would you watch on your iPad by the pool if you were to give your paperback a break for the day?

On Thursday evening, we hosted a LIVE webcam chat to get video reccomendations from Canadian YouTube celebrities and CBC Community members.

Do you have an all-time favourite web video? Something that you find yourself bringing up on your phone at parties, time and time again?

What would you watch on your iPad by the pool if you were to give your paperback a break for the day?

It's not an easy feat to accomplish, but working your way to bottom of a list always feels great - especially in the summertime when you can do it at the beach.  

In this spirit, we decided to compile a list of our own for you to tackle this summer - a playlist, actually, that can be conquered in as little as one afternoon.  

On July 12, we hosted a LIVE webcam chat to get your recommendations for CBC Community's ultimate summer YouTube playlist, drawing upon the expertise of Canadian internet celebrities and CBC audience members alike. You can watch a replay of the live chat below.

A big thanks to all of our audience members who weighed in, and to our celebrity guests Jus Reign, Chengman, RachhLoves and Sean Ward.

Now, without further ado, your ultimate summer YouTube playlist (in no particular order.) All unattributed picks were reccomended by members of the CBC Community in our Live Chat, on Facebook, on Twitter or in the comment section of our website.

1. My First Hardcore Song' by 8 yr old Juliet (Recommended by Sean Ward)

2. Manchester Riots 2011 Scenes From Whalley Range 

3. McBusters 3 (Recommended by Sean Ward)

4. Sexy Sax man prank:

5. That Gotye Song Parody (Recommended by JusReign)

6. Surviving Brown House Parties 

7. White&Purple (Reccomended by chat guest Nate Black)

8. Justice by ChesterSee (Reccomended by Chengman)

9. I'm a stupid cat 

10. Baby monkey going backwards on a pig 

11. The Death and Return of Superman (Reccomended by Sean Ward)

12. Maylee Todd's Aerobics in Space (Reccomended by Casie Stewart)

13. Power rangers prank 

14. I'm farming and I grow it 

15. An engineer's guide to cats 

Do you have any suggestions? Add them them in the comment section below to continute the discussion!