The fire chief who played a pornographic video during a training session in Spaniard's Bay has been removed from the position by the board that oversees a regional fire department in eastern Newfoundland.

It's the latest development in a raging controversy that has rocked Spaniard's Bay, where Brenda Seymour, the lone female member of that town's volunteer fire department, has spoken out against mistreatment and sexual harassment.

These were some of your comments on how the Spaniard's Bay firefighter controversy has been handled. 

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"The man played a porno during a training session. They can try to justify this all they want, but it is not behavior one would expect from a chief (or even a paid instructor). Fired as a chief but allowed to continue as a volunteer. Sounds about right." —  Debbie Brendan 

"Demonizing this woman will only discourage any woman, local or not, from coming forward to report harassment in the future. It's a dangerous message for Spaniard Bay girls: don't report, because you won't be believed." — TunchLives

"Unfortunately, the viewpoint of many at Spaniard's Bay is common in other areas. I think the problem is not just with the firemen but with the whole community. The community, as a whole, support the firemen and see nothing wrong with what was done. That is the problem." —  Senior Citizen

"I think the town council and fire department failed this woman miserably. The town of Spaniard's Bay is the laughing stock of Canada. Replace the council members who defended the fire chief and ensure this fire chief never again serves as a fire fighter." — PROUD CANADIAN 

"I think this story and what followed shined a light on an otherwise dark corner of the province. It shows us that no place, no matter how friendly we are perceived as Newfoundlanders, is free from harassment. When I saw those kids on the news rallying, my heart sunk. It's so systemic and unfortunate." — smallsails

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