Canadian terror allegations: Where 4 current cases stand

The trial of two men accused of plotting to derail a passenger train travelling between Canada and the U.S. is one of four Canadian court proceedings and cases under way involving terror-related allegations or charges.

Plans allegedly targeted train, downtown Toronto buildings, B.C. legislature grounds

Chiheb Esseghaier, left, and Raed Jaser, centre, are accused of plotting multiple attacks. (Pam Davies/CBC)

Jurors in Toronto are deliberating for the sixth day in the trial of two men accused of plotting to derail a passenger train travelling between the U.S. and Canada.

It is one of four Canadian court proceedings and immigration cases under way involving terror-related allegations.

Raed Jaser and Chiheb Esseghaier

The two men face multiple terror-related charges in an alleged plot targeting a train travelling from New York to Toronto.

Jaser pleaded not guilty and Esseghaier, who is representing himself, had to have a not-guilty plea entered for him by the judge because he didn't wish to participate in the trial.

After the Crown wrapped up its arguments in Ontario Superior Court, both Esseghaier and Jaser's lawyer indicated they would not be calling a defence. 

The men were arrested in April 2013. Their trial ended last week and the jury has been deliberating since Wednesday.

Jahanzeb Malik

The Pakistani man is accused of plotting bomb attacks in downtown Toronto and will be held in detention until a deportation hearing in April.

Authorities have said he planned to use remote-controlled bombs to blow up the U.S. Consulate and other buildings in the city's financial district.

Jahanzeb Malik is facing deportation to Pakistan on terror allegations. (CBC)

The 33-year-old was arrested on March 9, 2015, following a lengthy investigation by security and anti-terrorism personnel, the Canada Border Services Agency has said. He has not been charged and the allegations have not been proven.

Malik immigrated to Canada in 2004 as a student and became a permanent resident in 2009, according to the agency. He travelled frequently between Pakistan and Canada. 

The government hasn't said why it's choosing to deport Malik rather than charge him criminally.

Awso Peshdary

Peshdary, along with John (Yahya) Maguire and Khadar Khalib, was charged in February 2015 by the RCMP Integrated National Security Enforcement Team with taking part in activities related to financial and ideological support of ISIS, the extremist group controlling large swaths of Iraq and Syria.

The charges against the Ottawa men include conspiracy to facilitate a terrorist act, knowingly participating in the activities of a terror group and counselling a person to knowingly participate in a terrorist activity.

Peshdary, 25, was taken into custody in Ottawa. He is due in court on May 11 for a judicial pretrial. No date has been set for a bail hearing. Maguire, 24, and Khalib, 23, were charged in absentia.

John Nuttal and Amanda Korody

The B.C. couple is accused of planning to detonate pressure-cooker bombs at the provincial legislature in Victoria on Canada Day 2013.

The married couple, in their 30s, were arrested at their Surrey home in July 2013 following a police undercover investigation in which they were videotaped and supplied with what they were led to believe were real explosives. 

Korody and Nuttal have pleaded not guilty to four terrorism-related charges. Their trial began in February in B.C. Supreme Court and so far only the Crown has presented its case.

With files from Nazim Baksh, Adrienne Arsenault, CBC News and The Canadian Press