Canada's medals, by the numbers

For a little perspective on Canada's Olympic performances, here are some key numbers from Games past and present.

A look at Canadian performances, past and present, at the Summer Games

In the first six days of the Olympics, Canadians watched countries such as Togo, Mongolia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan make it to the medal podium. But there were no medals to celebrate in this country.

Canada's Mike Brown tries to catch up with Japan's Kosuke Kitajima in the 200 breaststroke final Thursday in Beijing. Kitajima won gold while Brown finished fourth. (Greg Wood/AFP/Getty Images)

Many Canadians have taken notice, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who said on Thursday he was optimistic Canada would end its early Olympic medal drought.

Michael Chambers, the Canadian Olympic Committee's president, also urged Canadians not to give up hope. "We're not even halfway into the Games right now and we're a second-half team — we've always been a second-half team," he said .

For a little perspective on Canada's Olympic performances, here are some key numbers from Games past and present:

52 — Number of countries in the Beijing Olympics medal standings after Day 6.

No. 16  — The Canadian Olympic Committee's stated goal for Canada's rank in the standings at the end of the Beijing Games. (The COC does not have a stated goal for number of medals.)

15 — Number of medals Sports Illustrated predicted Canada would win in Beijing.

15 — Number of those medal hopes still in competition after Day 6.

Day 2 — When Canada won its first medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (Triathlon gold, Simon Whitfield, Sept. 17, 2000).

Day 3  — When Canada won its first medal at the 2004 Athens Games (10-metre synchronized diving bronze, Aug. 16, 2004).

Kyle Shewfelt celebrates Canada's first gold medal in Athens, Aug. 22, 2004. (Kevork Djansezian/Associated Press)

Day 9  — When Canada won its first gold medal in Athens (Kyle Shewfelt, artistic gymnastics, floor exercise, Aug. 22, 2004).

1 — Number of medals Canada won in the first seven days in Athens.

11 — Number of medals Canada won in the final nine days in Athens, including five in the final three days.

22 — Olympic medals won by Canada during the entire Atlanta Games in 1996, good for No. 11 in the medal standings.

12 — Olympic medals won by Canada during the entire Athens Games in 2004, good for No. 19 in the medal standings.

8  — Number of medals won by American swimmer Michael Phelps in 2004 in Athens — six gold, two bronze.

59 — Number of Canadian top eight finishes in the 2004 Athens Games, up from 56 in Sydney and 54 in Atlanta, according to the COC.

331 — Number of Canadian athletes competing in Beijing, up from 263 competing athletes in Athens, 295 in Sydney and 306 in Atlanta.

6 — Percentage of Canadian athletes who won a medal in Athens, down from 11 per cent in Sydney.

15 — Percentage of Canadian athletes who medalled in Atlanta.

44  — Most medals won by Canadians at one Olympics (Los Angeles, 1984, boycotted by the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc nations and other allies).

51 — The number of track and field medals won by Canada all-time, the most of any sport.

39  — Number of swimming medals all-time, second-most of any sport.

34 — Number of rowing medals all-time, third-most of any sport.

3 — Number of Canadian entries in swimming finals in Athens.

6  — Number of Canadian swim finalists in Beijing, as of Day 6.

0 — Number of swimming medals in Athens, first time since 1964.

8 —  Number of swimming medals won by Canada at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.