Prime Minister Stephen Harper addresses an environmental conference in Montreal on Thursday. ((CBC))

Prime Minister Stephen Harpersaid thatasCanadais set to become an energy superpower, it mustalso take responsibility for the environmental consequences.

"I think our situation is such that we can become one of the largest producers of oil, gas, uranium and electrical energy and we'll continue to be," Harper said during a speech Thursdayat an environmental conference in Montreal.

"But with great energy power comes great environmental responsibility," he said, amending a line from Spider-Man.

Harpersaid in the next couple ofweeks, his government will unveil its plan fornational mandatory emission targets for greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution for the main industrial sectors.

"AreCanadiansready to mobilize in a national project of environmental protection for this generation and future generations? I believe we are."

The country mustdemonstrate leadership whenit comes to protecting and improving its environment, Harper said.

"Canada must not be merely an energy superpower, but a clean energy superpower," he said.

Harpersaid he wants a balanced approachthatpromotes environmental progress but protects jobs and Canadians' standard of living.

If clean-air technologies currently being tested in Alberta andSaskatchewan prove successful, Canada will export the technologyto the rest of the world and "make a huge difference in reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions," Harper said.