Alleged spy Paul William Hampel was deported to Russia on Tuesday. ((Atalante/Canadian Press) )

An alleged Russian spy who used the name Paul William Hampel has been sent to Russia, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said Tuesday.

Hampel was arrested in Montreal on Nov. 14, and a Federal Court judge issued a formal removal order against him on Dec. 4.

When arrested, he was allegedly carrying a false Ontario birth certificate and Canadian passport, as well as thousands of dollars in five different currencies, say authorities.

He has admitted to living in Canada under a false name.

Hampel operated in and out of Canada for more than a decade for Russian security, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service alleged in documents filed in Federal Court.

His lawyer, Stephane Handfield, in mid-December saidRussian consular officials still hadn'tissued travel documents for Hampel.

Hampelwas arrested afterthe government issuedasecurity certificate against him.Signed by Day and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg,the certificate authorized the man's arrest for engaging in espionage, or an act of subversion against a democratic government.

TheFederal Court ruling found thecertificate was reasonable.