The National Capital Commission has officially unveiled a new project to highlight Canada's international contributions to things like Peacekeeping, development and space travel.

The "Canada and the World Pavilion" will cost more than $5 million, and will be built at Rideau Falls Park, across the street from Ottawa city hall.

The NCC hopes the stone and glass building will get about 120,000 visitors a year.

Project architect Peter Spaull says it's an interesting site. He points to a lot of available space that not many people know about. It's underneath Rideau Falls Park.

"It was an industrial park at one time. There are still buildings down below ground. They're all remnants of that industrial era," says Spaull.

The NCC plans on using a lot of that existing space to host exhibitions.

In fact, more than half of the new pavilion will be underground.

"We've been working at this project now for quite a few years. It's nice to know that it's finally becoming a reality," says Marcel Beaudry, chairman of the NCC.

Beaudry thinks the pavilion will fill a gap in tourists' experience of Ottawa.

After several delays the NCC wants to fast track construction, which is already underway. They hope to open the doors next April.

But just what the pavilion will house to attract tourists is still a little unclear.

Some of the main government departments sponsoring the pavilion, like CIDA, haven't yet decided what to put in it.

Brigette Beaulne-Syp is managing the project for the NCC.

She gives a taste of what is already on the drawing board.

"We will feature an interactive exhibit on Rick Hansen's achievements, where people will be invited to measure themselves up to what Rick Hansen has achieved in terms of sitting in a wheel chair and trying to achieve as many kilometres as he did."

Government departments, like National Defense, Foreign Affairs and the Canadian Space Agency are also scheduled to provide exhibits.

Beaulne-Syp offers this guarantee.

"This is not a story on the Canadian government, this is a story on Canadians."