Motorists and pedestrians be warned.

Calgary's Zoo Road will close March 7 as construction on the Zoo flood mitigation project begins.

This means getting from Inglewood to Memorial Drive or vice versa, will now require a significant detour.

Walking paths on both the north and south sides of the Bow River will also be impacted.

While the project is expected to wind down late 2017, access to St. Patrick's Island and the zoo administration offices will continue until September by way of the 12th Street S.E. bridge.

Calgary Zoo flood mitigation project

Artist conception of a new Zoo road to be completed late 2017. (City of Calgary)

The $30-million project is designed to protect the zoo from future flooding as flood maps show high risks of the zoo being completely inundated in a "one in 20 year flood event."

The Calgary Zoo will remain open during construction with access through the north gate.