More than 900 young Calgary scientists gathered today at the University of Calgary to share the fruits of their experiments and research projects.

The event is Canada's largest science fair and was open to students ranging from grades 5 to 12. Projects ranged from dioramas about pollution and popcorn to coal, Vitamin E and Coke.

"I remember when I heard of the science fair at my school, I was really excited because it would be my first time," says Salome Faria, a young student from Venezuela.

Faria looked at whether it is healthier for youth to drink coffee rather than Coke, because she says in her home country, children often drink coffee with their parents.

According to her findings, it is.

"Something that really surprised me was how much calories Coke has in comparison to coffee," Faria says. "Coffee has two calories and Coke has 100 calories."

This year, the fair had 351 projects from elementary students and 302 projects from secondary students.

That's an increase over last year, which saw 291 and 282 projects respectively.

Students are eligible for many different prizes, including monetary rewards that can range from $25 to $2,500 for the best project of the fair.