Another independent bookstore in Calgary is closing its doors.

Words Worth

After 17 years, Words Worth is closing its doors April 1. (CBC)

Words Worth has been in business in the city's downtown for 17 years.

The 1,200-square-foot building holds close to 20,000 used books, but its owner says he just can't make money anymore.

"I had lots of arguments with my family and with my accountant," said the owner Keith Sanderson.

"They told me pulling money out of my bank account to keep the bookstore going was not a smart idea."

Sanderson is now selling off his stock in a final blow out sale.

"Seventy per cent off of a used book price, so they're very reasonable," he said. "I'm selling  books, for the most part, for two or three bucks." 

Words Worth closes April 1.