Woman sent to hospital in Calgary dog attack

A woman was attacked by two large dogs Saturday afternoon near Canyon Meadows Drive and Bonaventure Drive in Calgary's southeast after trying to break up a dog fight.

2 bullmastiffs impounded after attacking woman, killing small dog

Calgary police and animal bylaw services survey the scene of a dog attack in Calgary's southeast. (CBC)

A woman was attacked by two large dogs Saturday afternoon near Canyon Meadows Drive and Bonaventure Drive in Calgary's southeast after trying to help break up a dog fight.

"A female in her late 30s ... was transported in stable and non-life-threatening condition [to hospital] with various dog bite wounds," said EMS spokesperson Adam Loria. 

An animal services spokesperson said the owner of two bullmastiffs was walking with his dogs on leash when they crossed paths with a woman pushing a stroller and walking her schaunzner-type dog, which was also on a leash.

One of the mastiffs slipped loose from its leash and went after the smaller dog.

When the owner tried to stop the altercation the other mastiff got involved. That's when a woman passing by was bitten on her arm and cheek when she tried to help. 

Duty Insp. Steve Ellefson said the bullmastiffs also killed the smaller dog.

Ellefson says animal control attended the scene and the dogs were impounded. They will be held for 10 days in quarantine, which is standard when someone has been bitten. The dogs will undergo a behavioural assessment in the near future.

The owner is co-operating with officials. He now faces six charges for his dogs causing death to another animal, attacking a person and being at large. The maximum penalty for each charge is $10,000.