Melissa Holman, 40, is accused of defrauding an immigrant woman out of more than $2 million. (TFWA)

A Calgary woman has been charged with defrauding an immigrant to Canada out of more than $2 million in property and cash.

Police allege Melissa Holman, 40, duped the victim last summer into believing it was unsafe for her to have local assets while staying in Canada on a student visa.

The alleged victim is said to be a 55-year-old woman from Japan who was attending school in Calgary.

The victim was persuaded to turn over the deeds to two properties — one in Signal Hill and one in Springbank — and provide the culprit with access to her bank account, police said.

The woman had been living in one of her two properties while attending school.

Since the arrest of Holman, deeds to the two properties have been returned and $90,000 has been recovered. Police say $320,000 taken out in bank drafts has not been found.

At the time of the offences Holman was president of the Temporary Foreign Workers Association of Canada (TFWA).

Police began investigating the matter last September and say Holman was not previously known to them.

Holman was arrested last week and faces charges of fraud and theft. Her next court appearance is set for Aug. 21.