A Calgary woman has pleaded guilty to manslaughter following the death of an elderly man she pushed at a bus stop.

Wai Ho Tam, 79, was out for an afternoon walk when he stopped to rest at a bus stop at MacLeod Trail and 58th Avenue on July 14, 2010.

Marie Monique LaPratt, who had been drinking alcohol, ​knocked off the elderly man's ball cap, according to a court document. Tam retrieved it and sat down again.

She started to walk away, but returned to the bus stop. When Tam stood up, she pushed him and he hit his head on the sidewalk.

Tam died nearly a year later.

"The assault by Ms. LaPratt resulting in the injury was a significant cause in the chain of events leading to the death of Mr. Tam," according to the court document.

LaPratt pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Tuesday and was sentenced to two years in jail. With time served, she has four months left on her sentence.