A wolf pup was hit and killed by a train last weekend in Banff National Park.

Parks Canada says it was notified on June 18 by the crew of a CP freight train that a wolf had been struck in Hillsdale Meadow, near the area where a Bow Valley pack has its den.

The pup was born early this spring and was around eight to 10 weeks old, said Banff resource conservation manager Bill Hunt.

It was born to the pack's alpha female that was euthanized on June 7 after snatching food from a campground at Tunnel Mountain, despite efforts to chase it away.

Hunt says there are other pups in the den.

Up to 4 pups in den

"We've seen two for sure. And we've had reports from other visitors that have reported up to four," he said.

Hunt says the pack now seems to be responding well to techniques meant to keep the wolves away from humans.

"Through the aversive conditioning program that we've had in place, things have been going quite well and we've not had any aggressive or sort of bold behaviours occur since that time," he said.

Hunt says mortality rates are typically 40 to 60 per cent for young pups, so this death is not uncommon.