Calgary's Lillian Sharpless will be two next week, but she’s already hitting the slopes.

The little skier attracts a lot of attention on the hills because she is so small. Anna Murray says her husband Brent Sharpless doesn’t believe in bunny hills.

“I think it’s probably important to note that she has never been on a bunny hill. The reasons why people are pointing and saying: ‘My goodness, how old is this kid?’ is because we are on the chairlifts on the green and blue runs.”

“As soon as Lily could walk I was kind of thinking about the logistics of putting her on skis and whether she could support herself,” said Brent Sharpless.

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Lillian started skiing with her dad at one and was gliding on her own at 18 months.

She skis with a harness attached to her dad so she doesn’t crash into trees.

“She immediately loved it and had so much fun,” he said.

In Lillian’s own words: “I want to go fast.”

Ski baby

Lillian Sharpless started out on her father's skis at 18 months. (Submitted by Anna Murray)