A Calgary family has seriously upped the ante when it comes to backyard rinks by turning their yard into a curling sheet.

One of the reasons Brent and Sherry Snider bought their home in the southwest neighbourhood of Bridlewood was the north-facing backyard, which is ideal for a personal skating rink.

When the oldest of their four children showed an interest in curling, the Sniders decided to bring the winter sport home.

While the rink isn't pebbled, it does have circular targets at each end and home-made stones.The rings were created by cutting up vinyl tablecloths, while the stones are made out of plastic containers (weighted with pea gravel) and kitchen cabinet handles.

Sherry Snider says her kids look forward to winter each year. 

"When summer draws to a close — camping is done, the weather gets cooler — they start to ask: 'When are the boards going up? When is it going to snow?' Part of living out here is getting out and enjoying the winter at all seasons."

Brent Snider agrees.

"We are outside just as much in summer and in winter. For a Calgary winter there's maybe … 10 days that it's just too cold to be out. The rest of the time there's no reason not to be outside and they love the fresh air."