A hail storm slammed Cardston, Alta., smashing windows and windshields last night.

The southern Alberta town was pounded with hail the size of baseballs.

Mayor Rick Schow owns the Dairy Queen in town. He was in Calgary, but his son called to say that three windows at the shop had shattered.

 "I don't think that there was one vehicle that didn't totally have a windshield smashed or a rear window smashed. In my case I had three vehicles out and I have smashed windshields on all three of those vehicles."

Schow says there isn't enough inventory of windshields within 160 kilometres of Cardston to replace them. 

Jana Wynder lives on a farm near Hillspring, northwest of Cardston.

Her nine-year-old son was caught in the hail while he was riding home from his grandparents' house half a kilometer away.

"Luckily he had his dirt bike gear on or I'm afraid of the injuries he would have had," says Wynder.

"His thighs are just covered in baseball sized welts from the hail hitting him."