A pair of Calgary girls are putting their beadmaking skills to work in an effort to raise money for their fire-damaged school.

Jadelyn Brault and Ophelie Couture, both 12, are students of Willow Park School, which was badly damaged in a fire last month.


Fire destroyed a classroom at Willow Park Middle School in southeast Calgary last month. (Kyle Bakx/CBC)

At the time, fire investigators said arson was the suspected cause.

"I was really, really sad because I didn't really get why ... because our school is an arts school, so it destroyed lots of art in our school," said Brault.

"I felt really upset. I wondered why someone would be that cruel and why someone would want to do that," added Couture.

Over the last few weeks, they have been putting their art skills to work, making bracelets and other trinkets out of paper beads.

"We started off doing this before the fire just for fun and then when we realized the fire happened we wanted to do something about it so we fundraised for our school," Couture said. 

Sale planned for Saturday

Between the bracelets, necklaces and bookmarks, the two have more over 100 trinkets to sell.

They will be donating the money to help their school to purchase supplies that were lost in the fire.

"Very proud, very proud," said Jadelyn's dad Robert Brault.

"I think it's a good opening way of participating in life. It shows you that even at 12 they can show up and do more than even we think they can."

The girls will be selling their wares at the Indus Christmas Market Saturday morning. 

And they can't wait to return to school, although officials have yet to announce when that will happen.

"Our school is just really wonderful. It just feels like when you get in our school, it just feels like home. It' s just ... so creative and it's warm and everyone is welcome and it's just really nice," said Couture.