Wildrose criticize PC party over sole-sourced Tervita contract

The Wildrose Party says it is outraged about the latest revelation about a sole-sourced contract awarded by the PC government.

Tervita Corporation received a $45M contract for flood recovery work

Airdrie MLA Rob Anderson says all government contracts should be put out to tender. (CBC)

The Wildrose Party says it is outraged about the latest revelation about a sole-sourced contract awarded by the Alberta government.

The Canadian Taxpayers' Federation released documents that say Tervita Corporation donated more than $36,000 to the Progressive Conservatives (PCs) and received a $45-million contract for flood recovery work.

Wildrose finance critic Rob Anderson says if they win the next election, his party would introduce legislation banning sole-sourced contracts.

Anderson said there was plenty of time for the government to ask for tenders.

“This main contract took place five months after the flood so it could easily have been contracted out. It might have added an extra week onto the time frame but it probably would have saved Albertans millions.”

Anderson calls the $45 million cost-plus contract awarded to Tervita Corporation a brazen conflict of interest and urges the PCs to return the money Tervita donated to the party.

Anderson also believes that corporations and unions should be banned from making donations to political parties.

PC leadership hopeful Jim Prentice has promised to clean up problem areas like sole-sourced contracting, but Anderson says Prentice is just trying to fool Albertans.

Anderson says he doesn't believe voters will be fooled again.

With files from Tim Devlin/CBC


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