A two-year-old male Turkmenian markhor, a type of wild goat, has died at the Calgary Zoo after becoming entangled in a zoo toy suspended above a walkway.

Two keepers working in the nearby red panda exhibit rushed to the scene Friday and tried to rescue the animal after a visitor reported that the markhor was in trouble, the zoo said in a release.

The workers climbed to the log walkway and cut the unresponsive animal loose. They then carried it to an area where they tried to get the animal breathing again, but the markhor could not be saved.

"This was a very unfortunate accident that happened while the markhor was playing with an enrichment device placed in the enclosure to provide mental stimulation," said Cathy Gaviller, the zoo's conservation director.

"It had been there for several years, but somehow the markhor managed to get the rope tangled around its neck, then lost its footing," she said.

Zoo officials said it appears the markhor had slipped from the log ramp after becoming entangled and suffered a broken neck in the fall.

A full post-mortem will be conducted by zoo veterinarians over the weekend.

The device has been removed and staff will examine all similar exhibits and their devices to ensure they are safe, the zoo said.