Calgary's new city council was sworn in on Monday night. (CBC)

Calgary's new council has decided who gets to sit on which committees and four of the biggest ones now have a right-leaning councillor as the chair. 

The first regular meeting of the new city council will happen two weeks from Monday, followed by budget deliberations in the last week of November.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who has vowed to end partisanship, said he's learned not to put much stock in the make up of council committees.

“It doesn't matter. Everyone does the work, everyone sits on the committees. People can fight about it a lot, but then they'll realize ‘Oh my gosh, I really fought and won a huge victory and now I have to go to about 100 meetings.'”

Everything that goes to city council starts by going through committees. Here are the members of the four biggest city hall committees:

Community and Protective Services

  • Chair: Diane Colley-Urquhart 
  • Andre Chabot
  • Shane Keating​
  • Joe Magliocca​
  • Richard Pootmans​
  • Jim Stevenson​
  • Ward Sutherland

Planning and Urban Development

  • Chair: Andre Chabot
  • Ward Sutherland
  • Gian-Carlo Carra​
  • Druh Farrell​
  • Joe Magliocca​
  • Richard Pootmans​​
  • Diane Colley-Urquhart

Transportation and Transit

  • Shane Keating​, Chair
  • Gian-Carlo Carra​
  • Sean Chu
  • Ray Jones​
  • Peter Demong​
  • Brian Pincott​
  • Evan Woolley

Utilities and Corporate Services

  • Ray Jones, Chair
  • Peter Demong​
  • Sean Chu
  • Druh Farrell​​
  • Brian Pincott
  • Jim Stevenson​​
  • Evan Woolley