The Whistler Sliding Centre is highlighting its strict security that prevents public access after-hours, in response to a tragic Calgary incident that left twin 17-year-old brothers dead and six more injured.

The group of teenagers entered Canada Olympic Park early Saturday morning, tobogganing down the park's bobsled track, when the twin boys struck a large gate.

They were pronounced dead at the scene, as their friends were taken to hospital.

Roger Soane, the CEO of Whistler Sport Legacies, expressed sympathy in a statement later in the day.

Roger Soane

Roger Soane, the CEO of Whistler Sport Legacies, expressed sympathy in a statement but also suggested it would be difficult to access the Whistler venue after-hours due to security measures in place. (Whistler Sport Legacies)

"[We] are deeply saddened by last night's incident on the Canada Olympic Park sliding track in Calgary, and we extend our deepest sympathies to the families of the deceased," Soane said.

But he said his facility has significant security measures in place to avoid such an unfortunate incident at his venue.

"The Whistler Sliding Centre undertakes extensive security measures to prevent the public from accessing the track after hours," Soane explained.

"As the facility is located on private grounds, gates are in place to prevent public from driving on the access roads at all times, and corresponding signage is installed at the main access points, as well as at the actual entrances/start points of the ice track. Fences are placed at all start positions on the track. A 24-hour camera surveillance system is in place, and track personnel are on site 24 hours a day."

The CEO of WinSport — the non-profit that operates Canada Olympic Park — told reporters security and safety were paramount at the park and that he personally was not aware of previous after-hours use of the bobsled track.

Canada Olympic Park

Canada Olympic Park (CBC)

Some online comments from people saying they are former employees of the Calgary venue, however, appear to contradict Barry Heck's recollection.

"This isn't the first time people have snuck onto this track at night. I used to work at COP," Reddit user aireeek posted.