This summer the Calgary Eyeopener is featuring the favourite seasonal reads of some of Calgary's most well-known writers in a feature called "What Writers Read."

This week they talked to Marcello Di Cintio, who has made a career out of writing about his travels. He also writes for a number of national magazines and has authored several books.

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Di Cintio picked Bull Head, by John Vigna, as his summer read.

"John wrote this fascinating book of short stories linked by a location in the Crowsnest Pass area, a fictional location.

"The stories are about hard men. Men, who some of them, try to do good things but end up doing bad things. It’s really gritty, it’s really dark at times, sometimes it’s terribly violent but the characters John has created on the page are ... you might not want to spend time with these people, you might not want to meet them in the flesh — but spending a few pages with these men is incredible. It’s a really, really gripping book."


"Maybe this is my guilty pleasure magazine, my summer magazine. I read Saveur. It’s a food magazine out of the United States and it is fantastic.

"I have an interest in international. I’m a travel writer at heart, and I cook and Saveur tells these amazing stories of non-trendy kind of traditional classic foods from around the world and it’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous magazine and it’s one of the only ones I read cover to cover."


Di Cintio chose as his online pick.

"Brevity is kind of cool because it’s — I am a creative non-fiction writer — and Brevity is a website with short, short non-fiction pieces, creative non-fiction pieces. So, you get everything from little profiles to little snippets of life. But really short, it’s kind of perfect for online. It’s these short little pieces and I love it. It’s these little morsels of excellent, excellent writing that you get every few days."

Next week The Eyeopener will feature Calgary author Aritha Van Herk. "What Writers Read" will run every Monday at 7:40 a.m. MT this summer.