Calgarians are being asked to have their say in K-12 education.

The province is redesigning its curriculum in an effort to engage students, to lower the dropout rate and to better prepare kids for life after high school.

That includes helping students to specialize in areas of interest while still maintaining the basics.

Calgary education advocate Larry Leach says there are plenty of questions.

Larry Leach

Calgary education advocate Larry Leach says he'd like to see a high school diploma be nailed down to be worth "X." (CBC)

"Is my student — my son, my daughter's — value of their diploma going to be the same value as somebody else’s? So if my son takes a science track is his science diploma going to be any different better or worse than somebody who has taken an auto mechanics track or someone who's taken an English track and then conversely once they get that diploma is that going to help them in college and university and beyond."

Calgary tutor Louise Ridout says many of her students lack basic math and English skills.

"What I'm hearing is many parents want the back to basics approach."

People are being asked to take part in meetings and an online questionnaire.

The Calgary Board of Education will submit its findings to Alberta Education in January.